​listen to raye’s london mixtape

From J Hus to MoStack, press play on a mixtape of London tunes from the UK gal with something to say.

by Matthew Whitehouse
09 May 2017, 11:24am

We like a bit of Raye here at i-D HQ. A UK gal with something to say, she was one of 12 young Londoners featured in our music class of 2017, impressing us all with her late-night post-club tunes, addictive hooks and the way she generally does things a little bit differently. She's already collaborated with Stormzy, Nas, Stefflon Don and good pal Charli XCX, and tonight the 18-year-old Croydon native takes to the stage at London's Heaven for a headline show of epic proportion. To celebrate, she made us a mixtape of her favourite London tunes and - inexplicable omission of Chas and Dave aside - it's not too bad at all. Press play below.

Hello Raye. How've you been since we last spoke?
I'm great, hella jet lagged. Just written some of my favourite songs ever in LA. Woo.

What's the most valuable thing you think you've learnt in 2017?
To trust myself and trust in the risks I want to take. And even though it sounds dumb, to actually love the music I am making. It's so easy to get caught up in everyone else's opinions and perspectives that I've been forgetting my own damn opinion.

What can concert goers expect from your show tonight?
Some new choons, some old ones, some piano moments but mainly a PARTYYYYY.

And what can listeners expect from your mixtape?
My favourite vibes really, music I am loving right now. Mostly quite chill like smoke vibes.

Finally… Do you have a message for the readers of i-D?
Toast with raspberry jam and Philadelphia spread. Yo it's the shit.

Thanks, Raye!


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