the kooples ban all fur from future collections after peta campaign

The French brand, along with many others, had already stopped using angora after a PETA investigation demonstrated the cruel way it is ripped from live rabbits.

by Charlotte Gush
23 September 2016, 1:40pm

French brand The Kooples have announced that they will no longer use fur in their future collections after a campaign by animal rights charity PETA that included an appeal from Pete Doherty, who had previously starred in a campaign for the brand.

"We are extremely concerned by animal suffering and… we've made the decision to stop the use of all fur in any future collections", The Kooples Executive Director Nicolas Dreyfus says. "We had already made the choice to stop the use of angora in all our collections and in all countries, which was thanks to PETA's courage and wisdom in helping us understand the cruel treatment inflicted on animals of which we were not aware."

PETA's campaign also included a protest outside The Kooples' London store , led by two larger-than-life rabbits, with activists also gathering at stores in Paris, New York and Amsterdam. Nearly 60,000 supporters also wrote to brand asking them to discontinue their support of the fur industry.

"Today's kind shoppers want nothing to do with an industry that confines animals to cramped cages, violently beats them, and tears their skin off", says Yvonne Taylor, Manager of Corporate Projects at PETA. "By banning fur from future collections, The Kooples has done the right thing for animals and consumers."


Text Charlotte Gush

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