video premiere: heart people, 'show you'

Watch the clip for the lush new song from the band's forthcoming EP that's inspired by the concept of 70s sci-fi meets a psychedelic cabaret bush rave.

by Briony Wright
29 August 2016, 5:25pm

Photography Byron Spencer

When we met Heart People over a year ago, the duo was singing about a Blue Star in South Australia's Painted Desert. Now, the pair is back with "Show You," the first single from the band's new EP Homecoming. It's like no time has passed. Fusing chill house music with sexy beats and lush vocals, members Ryan Grieve and Rachel Rutt continue to reveal their genre-blending skills. The video for "Show You," directed by photographer and filmmaker Byron Spencer, is like a colorful dream featuring Rachel in a dazzling bodysuit made by designer Pauly Bonomelli. Watch it here and stay tuned for their debut EP out soon on Hole In The Sky.

What have you guys been up to since you ran around the desert for "Blue Star" last year?
Ryan: We've been making lots of music and videos and just going to the beach, really.

Your EP sounds amazing! Tell us about making it.
Ryan: Thank you! We've spent the last year trying to refine our particular process and these songs are a product of that. In that I mean that sometimes songs came very easily and with others we had to labour over them more intensely. Through writing this EP and all the experimenting, we're at a place now where we're feeling strong and assured in the way we approach our songs. As everybody's creative process is so different, it can and usually will change drastically again. For the music itself we wanted quite a raw, and at times an industrial, mood for some of the tracks to contrast with Rachel's ethereal vocals. I've had the idea of slow, stoned, pitched-down rave music in my head for a long time now. I'm not sure that we got it exactly but it'll have to do for the minute.

And what's the story behind the video for "Show You?"
Rachel: Byron and I have collaborated together for a long time. It seemed really natural to take this step with him into creating visuals for the music as he has always been incredibly supportive and had so many ideas. We got together with choreographer Matthew Gode, whom Byron had previously worked with, and he interpreted our song through movement, which took the project to the next level. The visuals are heavily inspired by the concept of movement in a sort of dense other-space.

Byron: It was a funny experience for me as I am only just starting to step into moving picture. My background is music and theater so it feels like a natural step, but definitely a learning experience. I was inspired by the concept of 70s sci-fi meeting a psychedelic cabaret bush rave. I also wanted a magical disco type light and became a bit obsessed with star cross lens flares. It was fun to work with designer Pauly Bonomelli on this one as he created a suit with the chest piece covered in Swarovski crystals, so every time the light hit Rachel's torso these beautiful beams of light would shine off her.

I also definitely went back to my music theater roots with Matt, who choreographed. We looked at old Bob Fosse choreography, like that classic 'Sweet Charity' dance scene. So the dancing felt contained and quite camp. It definitely brought some humor and camp sensuality to the clip for me.

Rachel, when we shot you last year, you'd made outfits including Heart People bombers. What's going on with your outfits now?
Rachel: We want the feel to be tough but warm. Collaborating with Pauly, we've been able to create costumes that are strong and powerful and ultimately very feminine. They're coming on quite sleek — I'm also really inspired by Peter Chung's take via his Aeon Flux series. We're so lucky to have Pauly come in and work his magic because we honestly wouldn't know where to be without him. His work in art and textiles is otherworldly. I wanted something that I could be free in, but magical and still covered up, and Pauly came in and voila! 

Your new music traverses house and techno with some tribal, folk and even goth elements. How would you guys describe your sound or the vibe of your music?
Ryan: Industrial-groove-hypnofolk-pop :)

What's inspiring you creatively right now?
Ryan: Spontaneity, possibility, sincerity, all of these require you to really put yourself and your choices out there and be bold and definite with them.


Text Briony Wright
Photography Byron Spencer

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