stephanie seymour never meant to throw shade at the instamodels

The original super has clarified her comments, after Kendall Jenner branded them 'disappointing'.

by Tish Weinstock
21 June 2016, 1:20pm

After being condemned by the court of social media justice for her "bitches of the moment" comment, original supermodel Stephanie Seymour has taken to Instagram to apologise to Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid for the misunderstanding.

"I don't usually address rumours, but since feelings have been hurt I would like to set the story straight," Seymour writes, in response to Kendall Jenner, after the 20 year old model spoke of her disappointment at someone she looks up to speaking so ill of her and her fellow generation of young models. "At an event last week I was jokingly asked if the 'era of supermodels' was over, what should we call the new great 'it' girls??," Seymour continues. "There were no names mentioned, and NO ill intent involved. A supermodel is a supermodel. I respect and admire all these women in my industry, in particular Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. Having been in the business over 20 years I know how hard these women work. Bravo to both Gigi and Kendall for their success!! @gigihadid @kendalljenner."

Of course, Kendall was not the only one to speak out against the Stephanie's comments. Gigi Hadid's model mother, Yolanda, reportedly also expressed her outrage. "It's sad to see some of these beautiful semi-retired supermodels, who are mothers themselves now, feel the need to publicly put down someone else's daughter." Having now cleared the air, let's hope things can finally be put to rest.


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