ryan gosling thinks women are more evolved than men

The actor reminded us he's a feminist through and through.

by Tish Weinstock
03 June 2016, 2:37pm

Hey girl(s), listen up, Ryan Gosling has a message for you. Well, it's more a message about you, really, but if you like to imagine, like I do, that everything Ryan Gosling says is actually a coded declaration of love, then this one's for you. Speaking to ES Magazine, everyone's favorite pretend boyfriend had nothing but praise for the fairer sex. "They are stronger, more evolved," he gushed, "You can tell, especially when you have daughters and you see their early stages, they are just leaps and bounds beyond boys immediately." Having grown up in a female-heavy household, and of course, now living in one with his partner (N.B not married, so, yes, there's still hope) Eva Mendes and two daughters, Ryan knows only too well the pressures women face just simply by being female. "When my mother and I walked to the grocery store, men would circle the block in cars," he explained. "It was very, very scary, especially as a young boy. Very predatory — a hunt." Which, incidentally, is why he doesn't mind being objectified to oblivion by everyone from women to gay men: "It's our time as men to be on the receiving end of the stick." Swoon.


Text Tish Weinstock
Photography Raffi Asdourian via Flickr

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