le1f's new track talks trans rights

It's a tribute to Juliana Huxtable.

by i-D Staff
10 November 2015, 3:33pm

Le1f's new single Umami/Water is a banger with a message. Unami/Water is part tribute to old friend Juliana Huxtable, and part byproduct of Le1f's wider desire to learn more about trans issues. It's the second track we've heard from Le1f major-label debut, RIOT BOI. Thusfar, we know the LP will feature collaborations with Dev Hynes, Evian Christ, Junglepussy and SOPHIE.

After dropping the song, Le1f chatted with Complex to explain track's origins, share his musical heroes ("Missy Elliott, M.I.A., Alice Glass") and celebrate the state of rap: "I think it's beautiful that rap has turned into singing. I think it's cool! That radio rap—the biggest artists, like Fetty Wap and Drake—these people are kind of progressive singers more than anything." 

Press play on the track below, the perfect pick up for a Tuesday arvo.


Riot Boi
Juliana Huxtable