tina fey is making a ‘mean girls’ musical happen

Too excited to function.

by Alice Newell-Hanson
04 March 2016, 8:27pm

Tina Fey confirmed at a Times Talk on Wednesday night that Mean Girls the musical — rumors of which have been circulating online for months — is in fact a reality. Or at least, it will be in the hopefully not-so-distant future.

"Yes, it is still happening," Fey responded to a question from an audience member. "It's only years away..." she joked. She's working on the project with her husband, director and producer Jeff Richmond, she explained, as well as playwright Nell Benjamin, who co-wrote the music and lyrics for the Legally Blonde musical.

In retrospect, Means Girls the movie was crying out for a musical adaptation. It has all the necessary elements. A small rotation of easily staged settings — North Shore High School, the mall, Regina George's bedroom. A clear-cut battle between good and evil. Solid roles for chorus members (students, party guests, mathletes). A starter set of pre-existing musical numbers ("Jinglebell Rock," Kevin G's rap). And a range of melodramatic plot points that will make for excellent set pieces — the watering hole scene; the inception of Cady, Janice, and Damian's "Plan to Destroy Regina George"; Janice yelling at Cady through the sunroof of a car (this will look particularly great on stage); the Burn Book fallout; prom!

While it sounds like it might actually be years before you're watching a chorus line of girls in cut-out tank tops signing "I heard Regina George does car commercials in Japan" or crying silently to "The Ballad of Coach Carr and Trang Pak," it's never too early to start saving for tickets.


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