Dress Stella McCartney. Sneakers Stella McCartney for Adidas

the i-D guide to the new parisienne

Paris has never been so beautiful and full of life.

by i-D Staff
05 February 2016, 11:49am

Dress Stella McCartney. Sneakers Stella McCartney for Adidas

Lomane De Dietrich, 17

Are you a Parisian?
Yes, I've lived in Paris all my life.

What do you do?
I study cinema at university.

Where in Paris do you live?
In the 6th arrondissement, I don't particularly like it, it's not a warm place. I never hang out there, even for a coffee! But if I had to give a good address I would pick Bagel and Brownies on Notre-Dame des Champs. I like the Saint-Michel district, it's nice too.

What's your favourite thing about the city?
What I love the most is to explore new places, whether that's Belleville or Ile Saint-Louis, and of course Paris by night! 

Are you proud of Paris ?
I think I can say I'm proud of my town. I love Paris, it's a beautiful city! Whenever I go away for a few weeks I'm always happy to come back. 

Lily Standefer, 29

Turtleneck Wolford. Top Anthony Vacarello. Trousers Acne. Sweater (around waist) Adidas.

Where do you come from ?
Houston, Texas

How long have you lived in Paris?
Two years.

What do you do?
I am a shoe designer.

What are your favourite places in Paris?
I love the Melting Club, on Rue de la Fontaine Au Roi, it's the best place to dance. For Chinese dumplings, the best place is on Civale Street in Belleville. There is also La Bodega rue Saint Maur, an old tobacco shop that's been run by the same family for ages. It's perfect for a glass of wine and to nibble some Basque charcuterie. I also love the Plateau, the Art Centre, in the 19th.

What do you enjoy the most when you wander about the city
I frequently go from Belleville to Pigalle and Montmartre, it's nice to see Paris changing from one neighbourhood to the other.

Are you proud of your city?
Yes I am

Coralie Jouhier, 26

     Sweatshirt Vetements

What do you do?
I just opened a vegetarian restaurant.

What are the best places to go in Paris?
On Rue Saint Maur I adore The Alicheur, they cook amazing Asian food! And also Thank You My Deer and the wonderful bakery Chambelland, and there is a great Bangladeshi restaurant near there, too. They have a great terrace and plenty of cool juices. Well, I only talk about restaurants…

Are you proud of your city?
Yes, Paris is a beautiful city.

Angèle, 17

Top et pantalon Paco Rabanne, collier Pamela Love et running Pure Boost X Adidas. 

What do you do?
I'm in my last year of high school.

Do you come from Paris?
I've lived in Paris since I was born, in the 9th, near Pigalle.

What are you favourite spots in Pigalle? 
I love going to the Scandal. There's Jeita, the best Lebanese in the neighbourhood, and I love the Bistrot Des Dales, with its little hidden garden. Then there's Chez Moune, where I often end up at night, whether I want to or not. Momoka is a Japanese restaurant a bit expensive but not to be missed.

Is the parisienne sporty?
Yes. I know many girls who travel by bike. It's often enough.

And you?
I like to run occasionally but not alone. My thing is ballet, it relaxes me. I go there several times a week no matter the weather. I do not like to run, but only when the weather is nice.

What does Paris mean to you?
I love my city and I like it that I do not know everything about it. It's so nice to wander through unknown neighbourhoods.

Agathe Rousselle, 27

Top Y's by Yohji Yamamoto. Top (worn over) Adidas.

Were you born in Paris ?
No in Lille. I've lived in Paris since 2009.

What do you do?
Quite a lot of things. At the moment I'm preparing an exhibition and I'm launching a zine with two friends. I also take care of a team of runners for Adidas, called Boost Pigalle. And then I'm still a model, an old and fat one, now, but I still get jobs.

Which district do you live in?
I've lived in Marx Dormoy for 2 years. I really like the district.

Where do you run?
Around the Canal de l'Ourcq and in the Parc Monceau, mainly. 

Are you proud of Paris?
Not really. I like living here but I am not proud of it. People speak to each other with difficulty, the circles are divided up and the poverty, especially the poverty. I do not take any more the subway because this aspect there of Paris makes me really sad. I like Paris for its beautiful mouth and what takes place in the art, the fashion and at night, people there whom I met there and what is as my family. I thought of leaving, but I have everything here, It's not about pride but love.

Adja Kaba, 21

Jacket Gucci. Shorts Acne. Tights Maison Michel.

How old are you and where do you come from?
I'm 21 and I am Senegalese-Guinean. I do not live here but my college is in the 6th, my work also.

What do you do?
I'm a model and studying for a masters in economics. I also do some consulting for brands.

What does Paris mean to you?
Paris and synonymous with freedom, art and creativity.

Maud Escudié, 25 

T-shirt and shorts Adidas. Dress Calvin Klein. 

Where do you come from?
I'm fFrom Toulouse but I've lived in Paris for five years. 

What do you like most about Paris?
I live in Belleville, and I love all the Vietnamese restaurants there, which I adore, my favourite thing, it's the bahn-mi.

What do you do?
I model for Balenciaga and Vetements, and I am a tattoo artist also.

It is important the sport for you?
We always find the time. But I don't really care, I take life as it comes. I do not really plan.

Where in Paris do you run?
Where ever I feel like.

What's your favourite part of Paris?
I adore Belleville, it is at my home now. But I also like the 18th

Are you proud of your city?
Yes, very.

Adeline Jouan, 25

Dress Emilio Pucci. Top Adidas.

Where do you come from?
I was born in Dieppe, at the moment I live in Villeneuve Le Roi. It's residential, with green spaces and not so far from Paris, very nice.

What do you do ?
I am a full-time model

What are your favourite places in Paris?
Yello's on Lafayette Street, a great fresh, organic restaurant. Fleux is my favourite shop, I want to buy everything there! I like to walk in Jardin du Luxembourg.

Would you say Parisian women are into sports?
No more so than other French women.

What do you like most about Paris?
Paris will always have a special atmosphere and feeling for anyone not born and raised there. I love Paris in the morning, when everyone else is still asleep and the whole city feels like it's your.


Photography David Luraschi
Styling Omaima Salem
Photography Assistance Sébastien Michelini
Styling Assistance Anna Tarissan
Colourist Emile Barret 
Make-up Satoko Watanabe
Hair  Michael Delmas
Production Sidney Geubelle, Slowdance