Jessy Lanza: Music To... Cheer Yourself Up To

Feeling sad and upset? Down and dreary? Jessy Lanza has crafted a personal just for you. From fast footwork through to downtempo Delroy Edwards to straight up house and some damn good disco, Jessy squeezes in everything that makes her happy and it's...

by i-D Team and Adam Fletcher
04 November 2014, 11:45am


"I did most of this mix on my computer in a waiting room. This sounds selfish but the whole time I was trying to cheer myself up. I hope that somebody else finds it cheery. As Dan Snaith would say, it's all about the bangers and ballads."

Jessy Lanza - Guess What (Unreleased)
Tory Lanez - Henny In Hand
Ongina Interlude
2nyo - Roll With Me
Addison Groove feat. Dj Rashad - U Been Gone
Spinn/Taso / Jessy lanza - Unreleased
Spinn + Taso - Burn That Kush
Delroy Edwards - Anotha Lonely Night (Twelve A.M)
Doc Daneeka feat. Seven Davis Jr. - What's it Gonna Be?
Juke Wilson - Tell Me
Crackboy & Jean Nipon - Ligne Onze
Four Tet - Buchla (Seven Davis Jr. Remix)
French Fries & Bambounou - What's Up Evan
Jeffrey Osborne - Plane Love
Virgo - Take Me Higher
Funkinevil - In the Grid
Larry Heard - Missing You.
Delroy Edwards - Laced With Water
Sharaya J - Takin It No More 
Mouse On Mars vs. Junior Boys - Putty Tart

Jessy Lanza plays #C2C14 Club To Club Festival in Turin, 5th - 9th November


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