Delving deep with Duke Dumont

Owner and founder of rising independent record label Blasé Boys Club, British producer Adam Dyment, aka Duke Dumont, is the most charming man in dance music.

by Milly McMahon
03 March 2014, 1:30pm

Duke Dumont by William Selden

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Paying close attention to detail, always dressed to impress, and with a quiet attention to suave detail, Adam first played Bugged Out in 2008 for a techno heavy event at Sankeys. He has since staged an entire Blasé Boys Bugged Out takeover and will be headlining this year's 20th anniversary weekender. Loving the Bugged Out crew like fam, today the Duke attributes a heavy portion of his chart topping success to the early support of Johno, Paul and Charlotte. Currently locked in the studio recording his debut album, recently signed to Virgin, and fresh from an international tour supporting Annie Mac, Dumont is now the third most popular Duke on Google. His name was originally inspired by a deep appreciation for Dickinson, the über duke. Adam relives a champagne-soaked Bugged Out rave and describes why the prestigious party's vibes are always pure pleasure.

What has been your stand out memory of playing Bugged Out?
I was DJ'ing in Manchester with Mr Oizo. He was DJ'ing before me and I was getting warmed up, putting my headphones on. About 30 minutes into my set l was throwing out a couple of big tracks and then l felt this sweat dripping down from the ceiling. l could feel myself getting wet and l didn't know what was going on. I turned around and it was Mr Oizo pouring champagne over my head - l was drenched in champagne. That's how things happen there. It's fun. The vibe at Bugged Out nights has more of a community feeling than most other nights. The people that go there are usually really into it. They're not going to be seen - they're going for the music. Bugged Out provides a unique experience; they're definitely two thumbs up, pushing new talent. Johno, Paul and Charlotte have always been good to me. They've booked me when times have been good and when times haven't been as good. You don't get a lot of loyalty like that in club music because it's so transient. Those guys have been around for years. Bugged Out has stood the test of time.

What has been the priority for you recently - DJ'ing, producing or working on the label?
l was touring America straight for the past year and then l embarked on the Annie Mac UK tour. For the first time since March, l've just had 4-8 weeks off recording music, so l'm working on recording a new record at the moment.

Who have you been working with on the new album?
I'm working with a lot of people but l'm not choosing to work with big names. I could choose big names, my publisher would be happy if l chose to work with big names like Rihanna but my prime goal with the records is to create my own vision.

How did you celebrate your last number one?
l think l just went out for dinner - it was low key. When you've done 200 club shows, the last thing you want to do is go out. I used to go out all the time, but now I'm either in the studio or just DJ'ing.

What's the best essential mix you've heard?
I really liking the Flying Lotus one from a few years ago. I'm a big fan of Flying Lotus.

What tracks would make their way onto your essential mix?
Right now, it would have to be a mix of the different dynamics l play in the club, not just the stuff that gets hands up in the air. I think it has to be a balance of big songs that are played all the time and are guaranteed to get the crowd going, and and the songs that are just breaking through.

Congratulations on signing to Virgin!
To be on an international level is amazing, but congratulate me when the record is out!

Going by your track record, your album is going to be a record worth congratulating. Do you feel the pressure?
No, not pressure - pressure is not being able to pay the bills and being moved out of your house. If you're doing what you love and you're not financially struggling then there's no real pressure. I'm busy but in a very good place. As long as you put the hours in then it's all good. Pressure is when you're making really good music but you're not on a platform to have people hear it, that's pressure!

Heading right back now, how did you become Duke Dumont?
I think it's quite a catchy title. l'd just been fired from my job and l was trying to get my music heard. I was watching daytime TV and Bargain Hunt came on with David 'The Duke' Dickinson. He actually gave himself that nickname, so it started out as a culture jab. I thought, if l can become one of the top 5 Dukes on google then l'll be happy!

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