zines of the world unite!

London’s Doomed Gallery and The Photocopy Club present ZINES OF THE WORLD

by Francesca Dunn
22 July 2015, 11:35am

Having ourselves begun as a zine back in 1980, we documented the street style of punk-era London before slowly but surely following youth culture through the decades. We might have evolved into a glossier magazine but we certainly haven't forgotten our cut-and-paste roots, or the energy and attitude that comes with it. 

For this reason, we're super excited about the exhibition opening this Thursday 23rd July at Dalston's Doomed Gallery. Teaming up with The Photocopy Club, they've spent the past couple of months welcoming submissions from the global photography zine scene with loving and open arms. With over 200 publications - including Francesca Jane Allen's Why Was She Grounded?, Mayuka Katano's Lost In Paradise and Joe Skilton's Endless Progress - they're currently preparing for both the launch and a weekend of zine-themed workshops. See the event page for full details. Post-London, the project will make its creative way across the world, spreading love, glue and inspiration as it goes.

francesca jane allen
the photocopy club