a visual guide to having fun by photographer rory dcs

Why can’t everyone be fun?

by i-D Staff
20 May 2015, 10:50am

It's hot outside (kinda), the grass has been freshly cut, there's meat on the barbie, the sound of clinking pints is reverberating around pub gardens, and Facebook statuses about festivals are starting to roll on in. Yes, that's right summer is basically here, and what better way to celebrate its arrival than with this Visual Self-Help Volume on how to be fun, as narrated by dreamy photographer Rory DCS. "Having fun is universal,'' says Rory, ''being excited is even better than being relaxed which is what all self help manifestos are directed at. I wanted to take all the fun things floating around in the ether that we see around us all the time and distill them into some of what I considered to be the most important points for people to remember.'' So print it out, memorize it, stick it on your bedroom wall, and ultimately stop being a bore, because it's time to have some fun.

Your dreams are boring (Stop talking about them)

Laugh, A LOT (A fun accessory for any outfit)

Have a positive outlook (No matter how shit your boat is)

Get rose tinted glasses (Fun people give everyone the benefit of the doubt)

Make party starters (I'm a G and T guy)

Commit to the party (And always bring some fun with you)

Get lost (Finding fun is the best fun)

But have an exit strategy (Uber, for when you've overstayed your welcome)

Leave tidying to professionals (Or your mum, sorry mum)

Don't get mad (It is very unbecoming of a funster, and yes I did just make that word up)