​watch rihanna’s bad gal #bbhmm trailer

There’s no mistaking that the coiffed, society woman is ending up in that body-sized box.

by Charlotte Gush
29 June 2015, 2:00pm

A teaser trailer for Rihanna's Bitch Better Have My Money video has been released, and it is awesome and terrifying. With Memento-style time hopping, we see a woman's legs hanging out of a big box in a garden overlooking the city; Rihanna driving up to a big house in the dark and dragging said box up the steps; and a manicured woman with coiffed hair and a white jumpsuit prancing around a big house, saying goodbye to her husband and walking down a corridor, into an elevator, where Rihanna is waiting.

As she stands menacingly in the elevator with a body-sized box, Rihanna is channeling a stylish Bonnie Parker, Faye Dunaway-esque in a blazer and beret, but with thigh-high red patent leather boots that are 100% Bad Gal RiRi. There's no mistaking that that coiffed, society woman is going to end up in that box.

Subverting the dead-woman trope of popular culture that paints a picture of violent men and weak women, it's clear that Rihanna is calling all the shots; so don't act like you forgot.

When RiRi premiered the #bbhmm teaser at the BET awards in LA last night, it seems BET's president of programming Stephen Hill was a little too forgetful for her liking. Rihanna had wanted to rain cash down into the crowd, but when Hill refused, she threw the whole wad in his face. BET have since claimed the drama was staged; judge for yourself in the video below:

The full #bbhmm video is set to drop on Thursday 2 July.


Bitch Better Have My Money