fka twigs didn't want anyone to know she was making a perfume

In a rare beauty scandal, the perfume house in question accidentally leaked the news.

by Isabelle Hellyer
04 May 2016, 12:57pm

On Tuesday morning, WWD reported FKA Twigs was making a fragrance. "The multihyphenate music phenomenon is collaborating with House of Matriarch," wrote the magazine, "according to the indie scent brand's founder Christi Meshell." The artist's fans were suitably excited. Christi was not. 

See, while House of Matriarch was indeed in the conceptual stages of work with Twigs, neither intended to announce the fragrance for some time. As Christi tells it, she made oblique mention of the project in a wider conversation with WWD, for what she believed was a profile piece on the House. Speaking on the fragrances' theoretical release, Christi told WWD Twigs is "very antiestablishment like I am. She doesn't want to sell it at any retailer. Overnight, she's going to add it to her Web site." Though she believed she was going to be offered the finals story for review, before it went to print.

The fragrance would either be a variation of a one-off scent Christi created for the artist two years ago, or an entirely new perfume. Having news break before any such decisions were made was a disappointment to the duo. "We were not planning to announce anything; [Twigs] and I are both annoyed by the spoiler," Christi told Pret-a-Reporter this morning. "The interview spanned many topics, and we only spoke of Twigs for a minute," she continued, "WWD promised to circle back with me before running any story. Obviously that was forgotten in the race to grab a headline."

While the miscommunication is surely disappointing for all parties involved, we hope it doesn't put Twigs off. We're certainly curious about what the artist -- known for her meticulous eye for detail -- could create in the lab. 


Image via Instagram

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