olivia wilde was “too old” to play leo’s love interest

The role eventually went to Margot Robbie, who was 22 at the time, six years younger than Wilde and 15 years younger than DiCaprio.

by Oliver Lunn
17 March 2016, 11:49am

Turns out Olivia Wilde, at 28, was considered "too old" for the role of Naomi Lapaglia in Martin Scorsese's Oscar-nominated The Wolf of Wall Street. When auditioning for the part of Jordan Belfort's wife she was told, in somewhat euphemistic terms, that she was too "sophisticated".

Speaking to Howard Stern, she remembers her initial reaction. "I was like, oh that sounds nice. I like that feedback. I didn't get the part but I'm a very sophisticated person. And then I found out later that they actually said 'old'".

The role opposite Leonardo DiCaprio eventually went to Margot Robbie. She was 22 at the time, six years younger than Wilde. But here's the thing: Leo was 37, nearly ten whole years older than Wilde. She could have just as conceivably played the part of the younger wife. Nobody would have lost their shit. Nobody would have said: hang on, there's no way I buy her as the love interest of Jordan Belfort. Would they?

Wilde went on to voice her frustrations with how Hollywood masks its prejudices in coded terms. "I wanna make a translation sheet for Hollywood that's like all the feedback your agents give you and then what it really means". Euphemisms aside, the sad fact remains: if you're a female actor over 25 in Hollywood, roles are few and far between.

The news follows Maggie Gyllenhaal's shocking reveal last year that, "At 37 I was 'too old' for a role opposite a 55-year-old man"; while Dakota Johnson called the industry "fucking brutal", asking why there are no longer roles for her mum Melanie Griffith, 58, and grandmother Tippi Hedren, 85. "Why isn't my mother in the movies? She's an extraordinary actress … Why isn't my grandmother in the movies? This industry is fucking brutal."

Sort it out, Hollywood.


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