new yorkers are naming their babies after game of thrones characters

Khaleesi and Arya were among 2014’s most popular names in NYC.

by Emily Manning
04 January 2016, 5:39pm

Here's some breaking news for your Monday: people love Game of Thrones. Last year, Uber converted a bunch of New York pedicabs into Iron Thrones. A month later, one Massachusetts town named a new housing development Winterfell. But the immensely popular HBO series' feuding families didn't just make for great street names; many New Yorkers have started naming their children after Game of Thrones' characters, too.

New York City has released its most popular baby names of 2014, a year that saw 122,084 births in the city. Sophia was the top girl's name for the third year running, while Ethan and Jacob proved the most popular names for boys. But according to the list, you're more likely to be lab partners with an Arya than an Abby.

ABC 7 reports that House Stark's fiercely feminist princess was New York's 98th most popular name. Though Daenerys and Targaryen didn't quite chart, the Mother of Dragons' moniker "Khaleesi" (not a queen but sorta close) was the 143rd most popular name. Perhaps the biggest surprise was that Jon -- the stylised spelling of the series' protagonist -- actually charted lower than the Seven Kingdoms' far more unusual names, clocking in at #166.

But Game of Thrones' wintery Westeros isn't the only fictional ice kingdom New Yorkers mined for name inspiration (seriously). Frozen's Elsa was the 112th most popular girl's name, a trend which signals NYC children will probably not stop belting Let it Go on the subway any time soon.


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