​grace neutral’s beauty is out of this world

24-year-old Grace Neutral is the tattoo-covered alien princess with purple eyes, pointed elf ears, a forked-tongue, scarification and no bellybutton.

by Francesca Dunn
01 December 2014, 10:30am

When the ex-ballerina isn't busy completely winning at instagram, you'll find her handpoking tattoos onto her more than willing victims at East London's Good Times studio. We caught up with the super cute Miyazaki fan to discover more about her ethereal looks…

Who do you think is the most beautiful person ever?
Are we talking internal or external beauty? I know so many people who posses both qualities, but the most beautiful soul I'm lucky to be close to is Hannah Pixie Snowdon.

Who or what do you aspire to look like?
I don't aspire to look like anyone in particular. I just want to change my outside to reflect my soul, so feel like I fit more comfortably in my own skin. I'm just doing my own thing I guess. Life is one big dress up box, so why wouldn't you want to explore?

How do you think social media effects people's view of beauty?
Media affects our views of beauty massively. We're made to feel like we have to look a certain way in order to be desirable and not end up alone. Personally, I say fuck that!

Do you have a favourite tattoo artist?
Sway, Jemma Jones, Jondix, Hannah Snowdon and Guy le Tattooer to name just a few.

Do you ink yourself?
Yeah of course. Just a few little ones here and there, and some pretty questionable ones on my legs from when I first started out.

You're known for incorporating Miyazaki characters into your designs. Do you have a favourite?
I love them all but I would have to say Totoro. I could never get bored of tattooing him, he's just the cutest.

Tell us about your mystical purple eyes...
I spent about a year thinking about colouring them, then one day about three years ago it just seemed so right, so we did it. I was scared about getting it done. I thought about all the long and short term risks, but I don't worry now because I think if anything was going to go wrong with my sight it would've happened by now. It's definitely not something to take lightly though, and people should do their research before getting it done.

Word on the street (internet) is that you've had your bellybutton removed. Why? How? 
Why not! I never needed it, it was a really fun thing to do at the time and I love the result of having a completely smooth tummy like a doll or a clone :)

And you had your tongue cut in half? Did it feel strange at first?
I got my tongue split because I wanted to and I liked the way it looked. It was amazing. Getting it done it was my first big body modification so I was running on excitement. After the cut, my tongue felt free! The week after sucked hard though, the healing is a tester for sure because it sucks to eat anything and it hurts like hell! Totally worth it though.

What do your parents think of your body mod?
They love it because they love me! I'm very lucky to have such supportive parents especially my mumma <3

Your looks are otherworldly. Do you believe in aliens?
Of course I do. I believe I am one.

Have you ever experienced any prejudice for the way you look?
Yeah of course, but I have a pretty big bullshit filter and don't let people's negativity into my energy. So it's really their problem and not mine.

Changing your body can sometimes be down to insecurity. Do you think your body mod could be influenced by this?
Yeah of course. I didn't like the way I looked because I didn't feel like it reflected what was inside, in my soul you know? That's why I started changing my body.

What advice would you give to others considering body modification?
Always do your research into artists because safety is the biggest issue. Make sure you look into every little last detail and that you're comfortable with your artist. Don't let anyone else control how you look. You own your body - you should be allowed to do what you want with it.



Text Francesca Dunn
Photography Douglas Irvine

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