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Everyone ♥'s Jeremy Scott, designer, angel, ray of light, life and soul of all the parties! To celebrate our love and get pumped for his show later on today, we flew to California and Tokyo to hang out with the LA designer and some of his beautiful...

by i-D Team
12 February 2014, 8:40pm

Photography David Mushegain

What's your idea of a great night out? 
Going to see a double feature at the movies! 
Who did you last speak to on the phone? 
My mom.
Which song have you listened to the most, recently? 
Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey. 
Which is your favourite new technical gadget? 
My Samsung Galaxy Gear watch phone. 
If you weren't a designer, what might you do instead? 
I'd be a rock star! 
What would you try to save (apart from yourself) if your house was on fire?
Photographs. The kind that are not living online. 
When did you last cry?
The last time I went to the movies.
Who would you want to play the role of you if a film was made about your life? 
Nicholas Hoult. 
What's your favourite sandwich? 
A manwich!


Jeremy Scott and Devon Aoki

When did you first meet Jeremy?
I did my first ever fashion show in Paris with Jeremy! It was the Rich White Women collection and I was opening the show. I remember the nerves like it was yesterday. It was the first time I had ever opened a show and I was to wear these wild stilettos that attached directly to the heel of my foot.  I remember backstage before the show teeter tottering on these things with Jeremy gently nudging me on. Then in a divine moment, I learned how to walk in the shoes moments before I hit the runway. I have always felt at complete ease with Jeremy. I am in awe, in love and entirely blessed to be his friend.  
What's the best thing about Jeremy? 
He radiates this incredible energy and enthusiasm and has never changed as long as I have known him.  He is the life of the party, the most fun, the most comical, the greatest partner in crime but he is also an incredibly graceful, gentle, thoughtful person who is a most reliable friend in times of need.  
What's the worst thing about Jeremy?  
I don't know of one bad trait.  
What's your favourite piece of Jeremy Scott that you own?   
My kids are wearing his shoes these days, and making headlines in them! We have them all - the pandas, the american flags, the teddy bears and the blue denim. I have recently got myself a pair of the stiletto sneakers which I am very excited about.
What's the future of fashion?
I think streetwear will continue to influence the runways and fashion magazines. I think Jeremy is pushing the future of fashion; the loud prints and colors, the general sexiness of his designs, the pop culture/youth culture references, is an expressive, fun and fresh way to see and be seen. Rihanna, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, have all been inspired by him and they are also the fashion icons of the next generation.  
Who are your future fashion stars?  
I think Jeremy will continue to be inspiring and influencial and do incredible things with Moschino, I am so excited for the next chapter in Jeremy Scott's fashion takeover. I think Humberto and Carol from Opening Ceremony and now Kenzo are a force to be reckoned with and I think newer labels like the Libertine, Preen, Corto Moltedo, Giles and Tabitha Simmons are absolutely going to influence us all a lot going forward.  Right now the freedom to innovate as well as materials and technology makes it an exciting time in fashion.



When did you first meet Jeremy?
I first meet Jeremy when I was 19 at Karl Lagerfeld's studio 7L in Paris when he and I were both there working on photo shoots with Mr lagerfeld.
What's the best thing about Jeremy?
That he is Jeremy - he doesn't pretend be anyone else - he's genuine!
What's the worst thing about Jeremy?
Honestly, I would have to say that its that he's too busy traveling for work and I don't get to see him enough any more! He is a ray of light, a postive, passionate, insanely talented soul.
What's your favorite piece of Jeremy Scott that you own?
He made me a dress for my birthday party which was the cutest little black dress ever and it had jolly ranger sized jewels spread out across it in beautiful shades of red, blue, purple and yellow - I danced all night in that dress! My daughter can't wait till she's tall enough to fit into it!
What's the future of fashion?
Ordering the clothes off the runway online as the shows are live streamed, and having them delivered next day! Fast Fashion!
Who are your future fashion stars?
My daughter Skyla, she loves playing dress up and creating characters with clothes - she's the future!

Stella Maxwell

When did you first meet Jeremy?
I first met Jeremy at the Rose Bowl flea market in Pasadena… we both are big fans of the Rose Bowl.
What's the best thing about Jeremy?
Jeremy's personality. I love him. He always has a smile and a big hug waiting.
What's the worst thing about Jeremy?
Ask Pablo. Maybe he has some dirt. I only see his good side. To me he's an angel.
What's your favourite piece of Jeremy Scott that you own?
My tartan Adidas by Jeremy Scott track suit with suspenders. Its my favourite because it's cool, comfortable and fun in the sun.
What's the future of fashion?
Jeremy Scott and i-D magazine duhhhhhhh.
Who are your future fashion stars?
Fashion's unpredictable. Keeps you on your toes.


Team Jeremy Tokyo: U, Yuya Nara, Jason Taylor, Go, Baby Mary, Motoharu Miwa, Mademoiselle Yulia, Mona, Reico Bunny, Riangel

When did you first meet Jeremy?
2011 at Jeremy's After Party for his Spring 2012 Runway Show.
What's the best thing about Jeremy?
His Vision/His Heart.
What's the worst thing about Jeremy?
That he lives far away from Pablo and I.
What's your favourite piece of Jeremy Scott that you own?
My "Food Fight Collection" French Fry Sweater that I will get buried in.
What's the future of fashion?
Matching colorful baby fur looks.
Who are your future fashion stars?
THE HOLY TRINITY - Luisa Opalesky, Sakura Bready and Michelle Salem.



Photography David Mushegain

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