disco smack are the DJ duo loved by everyone from Riccardo Tisci to Miley Cyrus to Kate Moss

Take two boys with a love of disco music, add some major individual dress sense and an attitude that makes any party the place to be and what have you got...? The extraordinary DJ duo Disco Smack that's what!

by Princess Julia
11 August 2014, 7:00pm

All clothing Gareth Pugh.

Josh Quinton and Andy Bradin have been busy djing around the world at the most swishy events and parties. From Riccardo Tisci's recent birthday party in Ibiza, Miley Cyrus' end of tour shindig to Kate Moss' 40th. You may think they've just arrived on the scene but their paths crossed two years ago, 24-year-old Josh Quinton has been at it for over five years, 'That's over half a decade', he notes. He's run clubs here in London and had a grounding in vintage clothing, sourcing fashion and flogging it down Brick Lane. Both Josh, and French born Andy Bradin, 22, have been wrapped up in music since childhood and it's this mad obsession for disco that brought them together via mutual friends and social networks. How throughly modern... they clicked immediately and they thought they'd start a new project, like you do. 'I just came here with nothing'. Andy says, 'I met Josh the first day I arrived and we started straight away'. Disco Smack got their first break when stylist Katie England cast them in a video, as luck would have it they got to play the launch, party hostess Fran Cutler fell in love with them and the rest is history.

All clothing Aymeric Bergada Du Cadet.

Personal style and attitude
"We plan our outfits, 'cuffs and collars'. We're  entertaining and we're quite sociable. It's not just about playing [music] with us... it's both visual and about the music." 

Why we've taken them to their hearts 
'We're not pretentious. We used to play for ourselves but we also want to make people dance and have fun. And we've been having dance lessons. It's a good workout! We want to make a disco video and produce music.'

Another string to Disco Smacks bow... Pam Hogg had them modeling in her autumn/winter 14 show 'Courage' dedicated to Pussy Riot and Hedi Slimane cast Josh in his Saint Laurent spring/summer 15 menswear show last season.
"Yeah, that came out of nowhere, I was ready to pack my bags and leave London last September in a pit of despair. Djing till 7am and modeling at 8am, I'm not sure they're compatible!"  Says Josh Quinton

They're gender defying modern role models... Andy Bradin tells it like is
"That's the whole point, you don't need to put a definition on being a boy. It's good to see. I've been living this way for years, dressing up and going to parties." 

Disco Smack loves...
"Le Palace, Amanda Lear, Angel Rose, San Salvador, NYC, champagne, caviar, haute-couture, expensive cars and Josh's Nan, Violet Daisy Quinton - She's a 105!"

Where to catch some Disco Smack 
"We're going to be djing at Hot Boy Dancing Spot at Dalston Superstore on the 31st August and we're going to Paris, Milan and then New York in September for Susanne Bartsch." 


Text Princess Julia
Photography Charlotte Rutherford
Art Direction Disco Smack 

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