If you could find out the answer to any question in the world - big or small - what would it be?

Being young is all about asking questions. Have you ever wondered why the sea is salty? Or why you can’t tickle yourself? From queries about extraterrestrial life, to global warming, even the supermodels have questions they've always wanted to ask the...

by i-D Team
28 July 2014, 6:45pm

Photography Tyrone Lebon

Questions lead to knowledge and knowledge leads to virtue. So get out of your comfort zone, look around you, question everything and explore. Because no matter how much you think you know, there is always more. From Karlie Kloss to Lara Stone, we ask the boys and girls ruling the runways what one question they would ask the universe?

"I'd love to know if there are other life forms within our galaxy? I hope I live long enough to experience space travel and perhaps even meet one!" Karlie Kloss

"Where does it all end and what is beyond that? What does the universe expand into? What is inside? If I knew I wouldn't feel so small!" Eniko Mihalik  

"Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" Chris Davis 

"I'd like to know why I was born at this point in today's world." Esther Heesch 


"It's about time on the north/south poles… Where do time zones end? They all go up and down vertically and meet on the poles, right? So if you were to run (or drive or like, sleigh) around there in a circle, what would happen to time? Would that be time travel? It really bugs me…" Lara Stone

"How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood????" Cara Delevingne

"Why can't we be impressed anymore? Most people don't even know how the internet or sending a text works yet we are so demanding. What ever happened to the miracle of life?" Ethan James Green

"What's for lunch, because I'm starving?" Frank Lebon

"If UFO's have actually made contact with us… You hear so many stories, see videos and in the end it's all speculation and/or fabrications and it would be cool to know when they did and why. The Universe is so enormous with so many galaxies that I believe that there has to be more to it than just us. It would be a very boring Universe if we are the only ones in this vast space. The possibilities are infinite." Joan Smalls

"I just witnessed a car accident (nothing huge and no one was hurt) and it made me wonder why we keep creating what will be dangerous for us - nuclear weapons, cigarettes, cars, guns…" Mae Lapres

"Too many questions to pick just one!" Meghan Collison

"Why do I always loose my keys? I would really like to know that because I think somebody is really F-ing with me. I know where I put them, I turn around and they're GONE." Milou van Groesen

"How big is the universe really? Because I don't understand it." Paul Bosche

"What is our true purpose in life? And where is Wally?" Ruby Jean Wilson

"When will my pizza be ready?" Sylvester Ulv Henriksen

"My burning questions change weekly. A few weeks ago all I wanted to know was who invented Santa Claus?"Amra Cerkezovic

"I have a lot of questions I want to ask to the world. Of course my wish is the answers are always beautiful and perfect, however the real world facts are cruel, not as dreamy as mine." Xiaomeng Huang

"Being young is about figuring things out for yourself, I'm ok for the journey to surprise me." Ondria Hardin

"I'd rather not know the answer to any of life's big questions... But I'm curious to know Judas' side of the story..." Stacy Martin


Photography Tyrone Lebon
Fashion Director Charlotte Stockdale

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