erotic exploration in photographer sarah piantadosi’s new zine

The City Is Abstract is a new photozine featuring subcultural stars Reba Maybury and Emil Bognar-Nasdor.

by i-D Staff and Felix Petty
31 May 2016, 2:52pm

Photographer Sarah Piantadosi's last project, Milk Jagger, was a trip through the technicolor homoerotic world of Michael B. Wallace and his alter ego, a corrupt L.A. cop. Her new work, The City Is Abstract, treads similarly sexual ground. The zine features leading lights of the subcultural underground London-based writer, editor and dominatrix Reba Maybury, and Emil Bognar-Nasdor, drummer in hardcore band Dawn of Human and performance artist.

The zine takes its title from a Kathy Acker poem that's reprinted at the opening, and works as an encapsulation of the project's themes: "Is there a split between mind and body, or rather between these two types of mentality? ...Is our city abstract?!"

Shot during a meeting at Sarah's studio in 2015, the project is meant to be representative of a free space, where experimentation and sexuality can be acted out, a space of unrestrained erotic exploration.

The zine and project will launch at Ditto Gallery this Thursday, the 2nd June.


Text Felix Petty
Photography Sarah Piantadosi

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