​the most shocking brit awards moments

From Madonna to Suede, we countdown the moments that made this year's BRIT awards instantly iconic.

by Felix Petty
26 February 2015, 2:42pm

When Madonna's dancer ran off with her cape at last night's BRIT awards - not realising she was still attached to it - and she took a tumble down a flight of stairs, he was merely continuing a tradition of accidents, mishaps and shocking moments that have defined Britain's premier music awards ceremony. From Robbie Williams' brit pop beef, to Suede's shocking androgyny and Jarvis mooning Wacko Jacko, we count down the most iconic events in BRITs history.

Robbie offers to Fight Liam
In 2000, Oasis' Liam Gallagher and Robbie Williams had the biggest and most swaggering egos in the British music industry. Together they'd defined an era of British pop culture, fashion and music. Liam and Robbie had even been best mates for a bit, sharing a love of booze, fags and birds. That was until Liam's brother Noel called out Robbie as "the fat dancer from Take That" and they all fell out. Robbie took to the stage at the 2000 BRIT Awards to get his revenge, asking Liam for a televised fight. Offering "A hundred grand of your money and a hundred grand of my money, we'll get in the ring, we'll have a fight and you can all watch it on TV." They are still at it, with Robbie recently slating Liam for having an affair and Liam calling him a "fat fucking idiot."

Suede perform Animal Nitrate
In 1993, The NME started a campaign to get Suede on the BRITS, running it each week until the organisers finally relented, allowing Suede to perform Animal Nitrate on the 1992 edition of the awards show. The audience didn't know what hit them, as the androgynous Brett Anderson camped his way through the pan sexual anthem, singing "what does it take to turn you on" in a silk, leopard print blouse, floppy hair and wiggling hips. The NME followed this up by putting Brett on the cover, hailing Grunge as dead and heralding in a new age of Brit Pop.

Jarvis Cocker Moons Michael Jackson
Maybe the most iconic of BRITs moment from its 90s heyday, after receiving an award for being The Artist of a Generation, Michael Jackson proceeded to do a 10-minute performance of Earth Song, which started off over-the-top and only got more ridiculous, soon descended into one of the most pompous things anyone's ever seen. MJ was posturing Christ like, bathed in light, and surrounded with pre-pubescent children, only a few years after being cleared of abusing a young boy himself. Jarvis took it upon himself to stage a protest, running onto the stage and pointing his bum squarely at Jacko. It's what we were all hoping someone would do.

The KLF Shooting Blanks
There's no better way to show your disrespect to the music industry than bringing a thrash metal band onto the stage to perform your hit single whilst firing blanks from a machine gun into the audience. The arch pop pranksters would go on to delete their catalogue of music and burn a million pounds on a remote Scottish island. In what would be one of most incendiary bursts of avant garde attitude to take on - and beat - the mainstream.

Adele Swearing
Accepting the award for Best British Album for her record breaking 21, Adele was about to start thanking everyone when host James Corden cut her off so Blur could play, Adele stuck her middle finger up at the crowd before the TV cameras could cut away. She later apologised saying it was "Meant for the suits at the Brits, not her fans."

The Arctic Monkeys' Worst Acceptance Speech Ever
Accepting their second award of the evening, the Monkeys were going for total insouciant rock and roll rebels, but it came off more petulant brat than Brando swagger, talking about "cyclical nature of the universe" and how rock and roll might have "faded away sometimes, but it will never die." Alex Turner dropped his microphone on the floor, before offering to pay for it in case he'd broken it. Which wasn't very rock and roll.

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