who are you soo joo?

There are loads of things you wouldn’t know about Soo Joo Park by looking at her. She’s so hot she’ll melt your popsicle but her pale as a snow-drop skin wouldn’t hint that she’s a fine, fresh, fierce California girl at heart (although the accent gives...

by Felicity Kinsella
07 July 2014, 7:00pm

Photography Mari Sarai. Soo Joo wears shirt Céline. Choker One of A Kind.

But age is just a number, youth is just an attitude and Soo Joo is just so pretty she's got both Carine and Karl wrapped around her little finger. Born in South Korea and discovered in San Francisco, she stuck in our minds from the moment she stepped into Chanel's couture fairyland all flowers and feathered eyelashes last year. If The Grudge had grown up, bleached her hair blonde and got her hands on some pink eyeshadow, she might have looked something like Soo Joo, but that's ok because Soo Joo loves scary movies, some of her favourites are Suspiria, Carrie and Grass Labyrinth. We love a girl who loves a scary movie, and we totally love Soo Joo.

Describe yourself...
Tenacious, sprightly and seductively smart

What was it like growing up in California?
Southern California is really a definitive place to grow up. In some ways, it's magical: beautiful weather, beach, sun, Disneyland... swimming pools and barbecue grills in the backyards. I think growing up in a quiet, expansive suburb made me calmer and contemplative. 

When did you bleach your hair?
I went blonde two years ago with the help of my colourist, Aura Friedman. I've always loved watching makeovers and transformations, and thought, why not me?

Were you nervous or excited?
To be honest, I was more nervous at first! But I thought, "it's only hair, and I can always change it if I hate it." That made me look forward to it and become more excited.

What was on your bedroom wall as a kid?
I had one wall that I plastered with Hello Kitty wrapping paper, which later became covered in manga and Japanese visual rock band posters...and another with drawings and paintings I did. 

What would you be doing if you weren't modeling?
I'd probably be finishing up getting a masters degree in architecture, or working at a design firm. 

How's the band going?
My bandmate and I've been very busy lately, so it's incubating until we find a good time to develop it further. It's a slow process but it's nice to come back to it between other stuff that I have going on. 

What do you do for fun?
I take walks around the city, do online shopping (inexplicable addiction), invite my friends over, lounge around in jammies watching films, sketch, play music...



Text Felicity Kinsella
Photography Mari Sarai
Styling Erika Kurihara
Hair Tomo Jidai at Streeters London
Make-up Janeen Witherspoon at Julian Watson agency using Chanel les Beiges and spring/summer 13
Photography assistance Sophie Isogai, Lorenzo Dalbosco
Styling assistance Sue Man
Hair assistance Patrick Forini, Michiko
Casting Shelley Durkan
Retouching Jean Michel Massey at the Forge
Model Soo Joo
[The Time is Now Issue, No. 325, Summer 13]

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