the class of 2014 answers: how would you describe your generation?

Boasting the confidence and coolness of youth, today's brightest young things invited i-D into their backyards and bathtubs to talk candidly about their generation. Introducing the Class of 2014, they’re mother.fucking.awesome.

by i-D Team and Adam Fletcher
22 September 2014, 6:10pm

''Defiant. Youth is in some kind of fuck you stage that's raw and a little over the top. But I like it. I love my generation.'' Binx

''Our generation ain't sexy, but that doesn't matter to our generation.'' Frank Lebon

''Distracted.'' Oliver Hadlee Pearch

''We're all so creative. We all have this creativeness in us and now that we're in this day and age where technology is so accessible and easy to use there's more vehicles for that creativity to be used. And it's great, it's beautiful. I'm glad I'm part of this generation where you can create freely.'' MNEK

''I feel like it's a generation that's ready for change. And I think that's happening. We want to create new things.'' Petra Collins

''I really see our generation as the generation Y. We're all searching, we're all egocentric, with social media it's all about ''me, me, me'', about projecting yourself in the most flawless wonderful way.''

''Crazy, happy and spontaneous.'' Jacquemus

''Really, really weird and confused. No one really knows what they're doing, everyone is trying to find the next new thing but no one really knows what that is. Kids don't really talk anymore they just chat shit on Instagram.'' Ben Nordberg

''My generation is greedy; we spend way too much time on social media.'' Joseph Turvey

''It's a very interesting one. We have so much access to technology; we're able to see what's going on all over the world, and with that you can see all the fucked up things that are going on. But at the same time we're a very hopeful generation.'' King Avriel

''It's fast; we're always being bombarded with information with the internet and social media. It's kind of hard to escape, but it also makes us hungry for knowledge.'' Kwabs

''To be honest I wouldn't try and describe my generation because I don't think anyone can speak for all of us. We live in a time where we can define ourselves outside of the dated boundaries and age brackets that came before.'' Liam Hodges 

''It's a generation that wines and dines with their iPhones. That whines about how much it uses its iPhones and then gets lost when it doesn't have its iPhone. It's at once incredibly connected with itself but also totally disconnected.'' Lola Kirke

''Confused, all over the place, hyper, amazing, a mismatch. We can identify with so many different things.'' Julia Baylis + Mayan Toledano

''Mother fucking awesome.'' A$AP Rocky

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