pink pistols preview: (re)fashioning the female body

i-D preview a new exhibition of work by photographers who are challenging mainstream representations of the female body.

Jun 7 2015, 12:10pm

Photography Katrin Olafs

MA Photography students Simone Steenberg and Lolo Bates are fed up with the way fashion repeatedly presents the female body: as passive, weak and superficial. Seeking to challenge these representations, the duo have crowd-funded Pink Pistols, a group exhibition of photographers who are challenging the norms of depicting women's bodies.

Steenberg and Bates told i-D, "Pink Pistols is very much about showcasing women as strong and multidimensional, countering images that lead to women being seen as vulnerable."

Photography Martin Valentin Fuchs

Photography Lolo Bates

Curators Steenberg and Bates created a manifesto that challenged photographers to create fresh interpretations of gender roles, by exploring form, shape and abstraction, and creating photography as performance and sculpture. "Each artist took their own interpretation on our manifesto and the outcome was a wide range of photography revolving around the female body," Bates explains, adding that, "While some photographers celebrate the female body, others may question the hyper sexualised and vulnerable images we so often see."

Photography Jen Whitaker and Jesse Draxler

Pink Pistols, 18 - 21 June, Doomed Gallery, 65 Ridley Road, London E8 2NP