watch 36 short films starring shia labeouf

Students at Central Saint Martins got to direct a movie starring the actor for their graduation project — and you can too.

by i-D Staff and Alice Newell-Hanson
26 May 2015, 5:10pm

A Sia video. A Ren Fair in Oklahoma. You never where Shia LaBeouf will turn up next. Unless you're a student in the Fine Art program at Central Saint Martins in London. Then you know that the renegade actor will be making an appearance at your graduation show today.

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The actor has collaborated with the 36 students in the class of 2015 to create a series of half-minute films called #INTRODUCTIONS. Each short will introduce the work of one of the graduates-to-be during a live-streamed broadcast at today's showcase. Also part of the process are LaBeouf's longtime collaborators artists Nastja Säde Rönkköand and Luke Turner.

The creative conversation involved each student sending LaBeouf a piece of text for the actor to perform against a green screen — sporting his luscious new over-the-shoulder braid. (The directive: it could be "as poetic, abstract or literal" as they liked.) The students then added their own visuals to accompany LaBeouf's dramatic reading. The directions included: original compositions, yogic OMing, breathing in and out, and a request for SLB to read from his own favorite piece of fiction (find out what it is at 2:01).

Watch the full reel above. You are also free to realize your own dreams of directing a Shia LaBeouf movie, by downloading the file via Creative Commons and providing your own visuals.


Text Alice Newell-Hanson
Photography Marvin Lynchard

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