lily-rose depp lands first film role alongside her dad

Yoga Hosers stars Lily-Rose and Johnny.

by Georgie Wright
12 June 2015, 1:43pm

From her first public outing at the Chanel Métiers D'Art show to her not so sweet 16, the fash pack and internet alike have reached the consensus that Lily-Rose Depp is pretty damn - well, pretty.

But now we have more reasons to fawn over her, with newly released info on her first film Yoga Hosers that prove she's got higher aspirations than just being a face to Insta-stalk.

In a move - and movie - that's set to raise her already cool cred even higher, Lily Rose plays one of two yoga obsessed girls who go to a party and have to face "monstrous forces" when everything goes wrong. No word yet on what these monstrous forces are yet, but for the sake of filmworthiness, we're assuming they're worse than your Sunday morning hangover.

Lily Rose stars alongside IRL pal Harley Quinn Smith whose dad, Kevin Smith of Clerks and Mallrats fame, is directing the film. And on the theme of ultimate dad/daughter combinations, Depp senior is also set to star.

Kevin Smith has already spoken of a scene "in an interrogation room, between the two of them, and they're actually trying to out act each other and it's really cute", continuing "Then Lily busts out some French - because she speaks French really fluently - and just shows him up."

And as far as film teasers/superstars-in-the-making go, casual fluent French spiels and showing up Johnny Depp is pretty solid start. 

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