sky ferreira is the first playboy star to creative direct her cover

Sky says the images, which were shot by best pal Sandy Kim, are a first taste of her long-awaited sophomore album, Masochism.

by Emily Manning
23 September 2016, 7:50am

For years, pretty much everything Sky Ferreira has posted on Instagram — pencil drawings of Moe Szyslak, pictures of her cat, Winona memes — has elicited comments about the release of her sophomore album, Masochism, and its delayed single "Guardian." These comments range from standard fan-ticipation to out-and-out demands ("we're looking for Masochism, bitch" one charming "fan" wrote). Sky's latest Instagram post has silenced them because it contains an unexpected update about the album her fans have been impatiently awaiting. 

Last night, Sky shared a candid snap shot by her longtime collaborator and best friend Sandy Kim, revealing it is an unretouched, unedited BTS photo from her Playboy cover shoot. The storied men's magazine has since confirmed that Ferreira is its October Renegade Issue cover star, images Ferreira calls "the first introduction to #Masochism (visually)." "I am the first bunny ever to be a creative collaborator & creative/art direct. I produced & directed all of the content," she wrote in the Instagram statement. 

Though the magazine doesn't hit stands until September 27, Playboy has launched an interactive digital 'Renegades Issue' on its website today, which includes Ferreira's full profile. Kim's photographs range from traditional Playboy vibes (think satin Bunny suits and silky pink backdrops) to glitchy lo-fi gifs and eerie neon film strips. There's also a short editorial video of Ferriera in a nightie that harkens back to her Lynchian "Nighttime, My Time" music video. This film is scored by a pulsing instrumental propelled by deep bass grooves and twangy, staccato guitar plucks; it's sexy, sinister, and hopefully a slice of Masochism.

The profile also contains a revealing interview with actor Bruce Dern, who spoke with Ferriera about her on-screen ambitions, learning to be alone, and why she shouldn't try to be anyone but herself. Dern is short on album updates, but lends a glimpse into the young artist's headspace and creative process. "I didn't want to make my new record about dwelling on the past. I just wanted to get better," Ferreira told Dern. "When I get attached to something, it's all parts of me. It has to be 1,000 percent. In some ways that's why I had to take a break after my previous album. I think that intimidates people to a certain extent."

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Text Emily Manning
Photography Sandy Kim, Images courtesy Playboy

Sky Ferreira