pc music drop 'hey qt' video and spread happiness

​Hey QT! There’s something we wanna show you…

by i-D Team and Francesca Dunn
25 March 2015, 5:21pm

London's PC Music have just released the long-awaited visuals for last year's opinion-dividing track, Hey QT, along with a free download of the Diplo remix. Produced by SOPHIE and A.G.Cook, the super sweet song has finally scored the video it was calling out for in a childlike voice with a cherry on top. As she dances around her laboratory, the adorable QT (Quinn Thomas) shows off the space where she makes peace, love, buzzy energy drinks, and dreamy music. Watch it twice a day for guaranteed happiness. Learn QT's moves and we promise you'll be the qtst person on the dancefloor ♥♫

PC Music
A.G. Cook
hey QT