come on sun! eytys drop spring/summer collection

The Swedish shoe brand release their latest sneakers and a collaboration with Ukrainian artist Sasha Kurmaz.

by i-D Team and Stuart Brumfitt
20 February 2015, 5:15pm

Last summer, London's feet belonged to Swedish brand Eytys, whose neat, unisex trainers with their exaggeratedly thick rubber sole were so fresh they beat off all the competition. Whilst the big rubber soles and leather uppers are perfectly robust for winter, the brand really come into their own in spring/summer when materials like canvas and suede can come into play. So they're back with a new collection, and as well as new colorways and two-tone numbers, the brand have collaborated with Ukrainian multidisciplinary artist Sasha Kurmaz on a collection named Turmoil. Kurmaz, who made his name through his graffiti, has created patterns using slogans from the ongoing Ukrainian situation and is urging for democracy and civil rights. The Eytys team also travelled to Kiev to shoot a book called 48 Hours in Kiev, which includes beautiful portraits of local male and female models all over the city, plus a good amount of nudity (don't miss out on the floral glory hole and participating member).

sasha kurmaz