love is "literally the only point" of st. vincent’s new album

St. Vincent unveils new album title in absurdist press conference.

by Zoé Dreadon
08 September 2017, 4:21am

St. Vincent's new album has a name, it's Masseduction. That's pronounced Mass-Seduction, not Mass-Education, the singer stressed in a faux press conference debuted yesterday on Facebook Live.

"Putting out a record," the artist told her digital audience, "is like having a bridezilla style wedding every two to three years." The technicolour summit was part of a series of efforts she has made to diverge from the traditional press circuit, which she's grown critical of (or at least a little bit exhausted with). "You become a factory worker," the artist said of publicity rounds in conversation with the New Yorker last month. "When you have to say something over and over, there's a festering self-loathing. No better way to feel like a fraud."

A crucial point the artist made in the press conference was that "the record is about love, at its best and at its core." In fact, love is "literally the only point" of the album. She also announced a tour across Europe and the US called Fear The Future. What we can expect? "A bonkers show. Dominatrix at the mental institution kind of bonkers."

To coincide with the announcements, she also shared a second single, Los Ageless. You can listen below. Masseduction is due on the 13th of next month.

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