Photography Leighton Pope.

kim shui brings ren faire realness to century 21

And everything else you need to know about the VFILES alum's superb spring/summer 18 show, ICYMI.

by Hannah Ongley
08 September 2017, 11:32pm

Photography Leighton Pope.

What we texted our friends:
"There's an office lady here and I don't know if she's just still working or making sure we don't steal the staplers"
"Why aren't all runways slippery slides?"
"An origami party on the prairie but with acid"
"If you really loved me you would have convinced me to buy metallic snakeskin slit flares by now"

In the designer's own words: "It was about exploring the threshold between what is silent and what is loud. I'm using materials that are raw with more richer fabrics like brocades and snakeskin. We wanted to recontextualize a runway show and bring in an element of chance. There's water on the runway — external factors are a part of everyday life."

Look we want now: A sleeveless kimono-style top in fuchsia and glittering lamé, worn with elegant relaxed-fit flares in the same fabric.

Wildest beauty moment: Sassoon's Michael Forrey created razor-sharp bobs that were business in the front and Pinkamena Diane Pie in the back.

Best Instagram:

Model to watch: The model who nearly took a spill when she hit the slippery slide runway pulled off a truly masterful recovery.

#Frow: Diverse NYC cool girls, including TK & Cipriana Quann, Kelsey Lu, and Sahara Lin — plus an unexpected sprinkling of corporate-type men in fancy suits.

On the speakers: A thumping, lyricless rumble that harmonized perfectly with the derelicte garbage bag wall situation, courtesy of artist Kristian Kirk.

It will be remembered as:
The most exciting event to ever happen on the corporate floor of a discount department store.

Photography Leighton Pope.
Photography Leighton Pope.
Photography Leighton Pope.
Photography Leighton Pope.
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