king krule is sending mysterious posters to fans

Archy Marshall teases another secret project.

by Hannah Ongley
18 August 2017, 6:26pm

Photography Alasdair McLellan.

King Krule is literally the poster boy for musical reinvention. The artist also known as Archy Marshall, Zoo Kid, Pimp Shrimp, Hypnodisc, DJ JD Sports, Edgar the Beatmaker, and Edgar the Breathtaker has been mailing mysterious posters to a bunch of fans. They appear to hint at a new album release, perhaps his first in a non-English language. Along with a black-and-white portrait of Archy enjoying a beer with an anthropomorphic dog is a block of text written in Spanish. Redditors have come up with the following translation:

"Slipping in the dirt alone but surrounded / a new place to drown / six feet beneath the moon / awoke a blood sucker / painted objects in black / and blue with projections of itself / it was always about itself / you shake off the insides your guts twist / you feel the smoke and think / of her / you and I against the city of parasites / parasite, paradise, parasite, paradise / King Krule."

Archy played Primavera Sound in Spain two months ago and is currently in neighboring Portugal for Vodafone Paredes de Coura 2017. He has been sporadically debuting music at live shows, under a variety of pseudonyms, since dropping his debut album 6 Feet Beneath the Moon four years ago. Archy's 2015 album A New Place to Drown was released under his birth name. (Both those albums are referenced in the above text.) According to Reddit, the fans who were mailed posters had previously ordered Archy's music online, so hopefully you haven't moved house recently if you're still waiting to receive one.

King Krule:
Archy Marshall