attention hollywood: gucci mane wants to write a screenplay

There's another book on the table, too.

by Zoé Dreadon
21 September 2017, 9:20am

via Instagram/@laflare1017

This article was originally published by i-D Australia.

Gucci Mane has already proven himself quite the multi-talent: rapper, actor, and more recently, published author. Now, just a day after the release of The Autobiography of Gucci Mane, Gucci's told Vulture that he's eager to pen a screenplay.

It was Harmony Korine, who cast Gucci in 2012's Spring Breakers, that first pushed the rapper to pursue his writing. "While I was in prison," Gucci told Vulture, "my friend Harmony was sending me books and telling me to write a screenplay. Then one day, my engineer told me that I should write a book."

Writing came easily to Gucci — he said that he started off writing 30 pages in one day. "Then [my co-author] Neil [Martinez-Belkin] wrote me in prison, and I remembered him from [him] interviewing me for XXL," Gucci explained. "He told me that I should write a book and left his number."

There's certainly no time for writer's block now the autobiography's out. "I'm 100 percent writing another book and I'm definitely going to write that screenplay." Though Gucci hasn't given any more clues about the projects, we'll keep you posted.

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