the unique british romance of margaret howell

The who, what and where of Margaret Howell autumn/winter 18.

by Felix Petty
19 February 2018, 11:11am

Van Morrison and other 60/70s bluesy relics were playing as the guests sat in their seats and assembled for another dose of Maggy's homely fashion creations. Van Morrison is not a musician you'll hear at many shows in London, but Margaret Howell is a house apart. Confident in treading her own path. Knowing her world inside and out, what works and what doesn’t. Margaret Howell doesn’t really change much, season to season, and that’s her strength; creating wearable clothes for life.

It was a beautiful clear morning in Waterloo for the show, matching the mood of the collection. Margaret Howell this season felt like a hopeful warm autumn's day. It was a breath of cold, clean country air. Bright blue crisp skies and fresh air. It was light sweaters and waterproof macs (just in case). Cropped trousers and cream fabrics. Fair Isles and Herringbones to keep out the chill. The clothes were wantable and wearable and charming in that totally Margaret Howell way.

It felt very Cornwall again -- a gentle English sublime -- with nods to its sister across the channel, Brittany. The hats gave nods to berets, but these were clothes to be worn outdoors in rugged landscapes. The British romantic photography of Alasdair McLellan was there in the mood too; a soft sexiness and outdoorsy-ness. Very boho, Virginia Woolf, artistic retreat, peace and quiet and warm fires.


Photography Mitchell Sams

London Fashion Week
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