Photography Bernard Essiful and madame gandhi on why the future of music is female

To celebrate the first day of Women’s History Month, the musician and activist discusses women in music and why we should start saying “we nourished that shit” instead of “killing it”.

by Frankie Dunn
01 March 2018, 3:44pm

Photography Bernard Essiful

If you have any kind of interest in the music industry, you might already be aware of the international network of women in the industry known as With a vision to create an environment that for female empowerment, they’re a welcome and very brilliant institution in an industry that that sometimes feels like it wasn’t built for us.

For the first in a series of filmed talks, Madame Gandhi -- LA-based artist, producer, gender equality activist, Harvard graduate, free-bleeding marathon runner and drummer for M.I.A -- was interviewed by music industry veteran Christine Mehr. Shot in the non-profit CA studio Zoo Labs, where Madame Gandhi recorded her Voices EP , we’re excited to share an exclusive first-look at the fascinating Sarah Klearman-produced video with you today.

"I wanna live in a world where women are building and collaborating on their own amazing stuff, and it's so good that everybody actually wants to be a part of it,” opens Kiran Gandhi. “This is the concept of The Future Is Female; what can we learn from the female energy to provide alternative forms of leadership?” Her aforementioned 2017 single circled the top of the US viral spotify playlists around the Women’s March, becoming something of an anthem and getting labelled “the soundtrack to a fourth wave feminist movement”.

Kiran goes on to discuss why jealousy can be a positive emotion, the importance of female friendships despite societal pressures, and how she’s planning to reform the music industry -- making it a healthier place for women and girls. Watch the duo deep dive on the subject of women in music below.

madame ghandi