liam hodges brings his spring/summer 19 collection to life in a new short film

Liam and filmmaker Will Reid chronicle the designer’s latest show, shared exclusively with us.

by Felix Petty
07 August 2018, 10:27am

For his spring/summer 19 show, Liam Hodges reflected his love of London’s nightlife subcultures through the more-is-more-is-more lens of Las Vegas Americana: flame prints, animal prints, casino fashions, sunburn, bowling, Joey Tribbiani, Jean Baudrillard, Donna Tartt and all you can eat seafood. It was rooted though, nearer to home, in the things we know and love Liam for; patchworks, prints, slogans and lols.

Ahead of the show, Liam spent a few days in Las Vegas for research, and now, with filmmaker Will Reid, he’s bringing the collection home, back to London. It’s a beautiful document of the show and Liam himself; all collaged and cut-and-pasted, frantic and fun, capturing the drama of fashion week.

“We wanted to create a film that was reflective of not only Liam’s personality and the vibe of the brand, but also something that felt like a bit of me,” Will explains. “Slightly erratic and frantic, loud and busy but at the same time wanting that peace and quiet; a film about process and materials -- something tangible and textured. What we got is, I hope, an honest reflection of the experience at fashion week and the stress and relief of putting on a show, told through Liam’s words and my eyes.”

“Working with Will and his team brought a whole new level of depth to the collection and its process in the lead up to the show,” Liam adds. “They went beyond what’s happening and gave a new perspective on the whole collection stylistically, as well as through a more personal narrative. It was a really interesting exercise in what the brand is and, for me personally, watching it back, I’ve actually learnt a lot about myself.”

Watch it below.

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