the trailer for jodie foster's black mirror episode exploits our deepest fears

Watch the teaser for episode Arkangel.

by Briony Wright
27 November 2017, 10:01am

The first glimpse of the fourth season of Black Mirror has been released. The eerie short trailer for an episode called Arkangel, directed by screen legend Jodie Foster, takes us to a grey, gloomy neighbourhood where we follow a mother's terror when she realises she's lost her young daughter while playing in a park nearby. When the daughter is finally returned, the mother, played by Rosemarie DeWitt, resorts to experimental technology to ensure her daughter's future safety. Made all the more scary by the fact it's not utterly inconceivable.

Speaking to Empire earlier this month, Jodie Foster, who has previously directed episodes of Orange Is the New Black, admitted it was her love of The Twilight Zone that brought her to Black Mirror. Foster described her episode as “raw and real, like an indie movie” and admitted that she believed that the "short story is the most perfect art form". Watch the teaser below.

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