Self-isolate to LCY’s post-apocalypse mix

The London DJ and producer read the room and ran with it, soundtracking our future world.

by Frankie Dunn
13 March 2020, 2:00pm

Photography Joshua J P Davidson

''The year is 2400,” says LCY. “The humans have all passed and the only bodies that remain are found in the abandoned cryonic centres. The context, in short, is that London’s inhabitants are now AI robots that rebuilt themselves from the remains we left. Instead of building their own civilisation they are fixated on figuring out and studying humanity almost as if it was a God. This is the soundtrack of the robots building themselves up, and teaching themselves to talk and to behave more humanly. I imagine this all building and developing within a robot carnival and I hope you can hear it too.'

LCY, as I’m sure you’ll have gathered by now, is far from boring. Formally known as ‘L U C Y’, the Londoner is part of the Six Figure Gang alongside Fauzia, Sherelle, Jossy Mitsu, Yazzus and Dobby. Last year, she launched her very own label, SZNS7N, created with the primary aim of being a platform for multidisciplinary collaboration across music and art. Until today, the producer and DJ has consistently obscured her identity -- wearing a mask or distorting her face in photographs -- but now, via a 3D scan she's feeling revelatory.

Her visual evolution goes hand in hand with a sonic shift -- creeping ever further into a darker and more percussive realm, as anyone who has experienced her new self-titled EP will attest to. It’s the kind of stuff you wish your nightmares were made of. To celebrate her transformation, LCY has remixed all of her previous L U C Y productions for a super special bandcamp-only EP. Keep an eye out for that meta gem very soon.

But back to this week’s mix! Naturally, such a venture is bookended by extracts from The War Of The Worlds and packed full of fifty minutes of adventure: like watching a sci-fi movie that hasn’t been made yet. With tracks from the likes of Only Now, Perko and SPF666, it’s one giant industrial, dystopian landscape and it’ll put you on edge in the best way.

See LCY and friends at her next SZNS7N SESSION at Camden Assembly on 9 April.

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