Meet the couple behind cursed viral anthem Where’s My Juul?

Full Tac and Lil Mariko sound off on important matters such as angry metalheads and the e-cig flavour ban.

by Frankie Dunn
22 January 2020, 3:26pm

Now sitting at over half a million views on YouTube, the anthem that is "Where's My Juul??" stormed into our lives in the final days of the last decade. Talk about ending things on a high! Produced by musician, filmmaker and Instagram funny guy Jared Soule of Full Tac fame, with screamo vocals and a scene-stealing performance by artist girlfriend Kat Zhang aka Lil Mariko, Juulers everywhere felt seen by their first collaborative song.

What starts out as a simple enquiry soon descends into a bratty tantrum, then a murderous rampage as the pod lust grows. With increasing mania, Lil Mariko warns listeners: “I swear to god bitch, if you stole my fucking Juul, I will break each and every one of your god damn fucking fingers. And if I find that shit, I will ram that shit so far down your fucking throat that you're gonna be coughing up clouds for months you goddamn useless little bitch!” I mean...

A breakdown ensues, during which the vocalist channels cute but evil Poppy vibes and showcases some seriously impressive metal vocals while popping caps into the air. A real highlight. “Damn, she could actually do some punk/hardcore vocals if she wanted to,” commented one viewer on YouTube. "The duality of this video being cursed but also it slapping,” said another. “"Shoes" by Kelly walked so "Where's My Juul?" could run,” quite accurately pointed out a third, throwing back to the chaotic 2007 viral vid.

It might sit at just one minute and 47 seconds long, but we fully believe that “Where’s My Juul??” is the powerful kind of art that we all deserve in 2020. The people have spoken and not only do they want their Juuls back, they want more Lil Mariko. Not ones to deny the people their needs, we caught up with its creators, Jared and Kat.

Hello you two. Where are you guys based and how’d you end up working together?
Jared: We are based in New York City. I live in Ridgewood, Queens.
Kat: I live in Flatbush.
Jared: And I suppose we ended up working together because we date each other.
Kat: We were just kind of bored...
Jared: And we wanted to make a song together! We hadn’t made one together before, so we thought it might be fun.

Nice. Tell us about the conception and birth of “Where's My Juul??”.
Jared: Well, we were bored on a late August day and we thought, hey, Kat is losing her Juul a lot, maybe it’d be funny if we made a song about it? It wasn’t a very original idea, but I think the way it was executed might be the reason it’s doing what it’s doing.

Kat, how many Juuls have you actually lost? Where's the weirdest place you've found one?
Kat: I wanna say I’ve lost like eight Juuls so far. And I guess the weirdest place I’ve found it is maybe like, in my shoe? The weirdest place I lost one though, is down a gutter. I dropped it right into the sewer.
Jared: Wait, but you’ve definitely misplaced them thousands of times.
Kat: Yeah, but I have permanently lost at least eight different Juuls. They are gone. Forever.

What's your go-to flavour?
Kat: Probably cucumber?

How will you cope with the flavour ban?
Kat: I’ll just switch to the Mylé.
Jared: So you’re abandoning Juul as a brand? You know that they’re doing it across the board though, it’s not just Juul?
Kat: Tobacco flavour is fine.

Your screaming voice is really great. Have you done vocals like that before?
Kat: Not really. I did a little cameo on one other track before, but it was very brief.

Who did you look to for inspiration?
Kat: Mindless Self Indulgence and The Prodigy.
Jared: It’s funny because people keep mentioning this “Shoes” video but we really didn’t have that as a reference. People are calling it the “Shoes” of this generation. I made the beat beforehand and then we decided we should make a song about your Juul. We didn’t go into the song with the intention of making a silly parody song. I was just like, oh this beat is kind of hard... what if you were trying to find your Juul?

How many people have yelled “Where's My Juul??” at you in the street so far?
Kat: Zero. I don’t go outside.

Have Juul been in touch yet?
Kat: No.
Jared: Not yet.

What's been your favourite response to the track?
Jared: I like the ones that’re making fun of it, or just talking about how this song is going to burn in hell for eternity.
Kat: My favourite comment was when someone said “Lil Mariko can do screamo no question, but screamo dudes can never do 'Where’s My Juul?'”. I also like the ones where people are confused and not sure what a Juul is.
Jared: I enjoyed people saying it slaps, even though it’s kind of a funny song.
Kat: Yeah, “it’s cursed but it slaps!”
Jared: Exactly. And that’s kind of the whole goal we had behind it, really. We knew we were making a song that was going to piss a lot of people off, probably, but that people would be able to relate. It’s really accentuated by the nicotine addiction and what that looks like for some people.

Which fictional character would you most like to see singing where's my Juul?
Kat: I was thinking Retsuko from this Netflix series Aggretsuko. She’s a little red panda.
Jared: I wanna see Winnie the Pooh singing “Where’s My Juul” or Barney or something. I think that would go crazy. Even if it’s another character who’s not cracked out, someone very mellow… Rafiki from The Lion King, I dunno.

What are you both working on right now?
Jared: We’re going to be making more songs for sure. We’re actually making one right now, as we speak. And we have another that’s almost finished. But the plan is to really explore this space with the screaming and Kat’s skills with the voice and intensity, and take that to another level. And follow it all up with some kind of project between us.

Hit us with your predictions for 2020...
Jared: I think that more people will die from vaping-related illnesses.
Kat: Yeah, probably.
Jared: More Juuls will be lost in 2020. Including, the flavoured Juuls, which will be permanently lost, at least in the US.
Kat: Oh well.
Jared: And we’re just going to piss a lot of metal fans off. That’s the goal. We’re going to make them want to never ever listen to metal again; or just denounce anything that’s screaming-related. We’re trying to off the people who have rigid structures for how we should or shouldn’t be doing things.
Kat: There’s more than one way to scream.

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