Frank Ocean and Tyler, the Creator have some thoughts on the election

“Debates are on. It all feels fake. The problem’s that it’s not.”

by Douglas Greenwood
30 September 2020, 11:33am

So! Last night was the first live presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, as the race to oust the incompetent leader of the free world ramped up. It was a 90-minute event that saw Trump try to flatten Biden any time the Democratic candidate spoke, with Biden biting back with a shout of “Will you shut up, man?” (a phrase that’s already been immortalised on a T-shirt). At home, everybody -- including Frank Ocean and Tyler, the Creator -- seemed to be watching. And they’re now launching social media initiatives for their fans to register to vote, and get Trump out of the White House.

On Instagram, Tyler, the Creator encouraged his followers to “pull up” and head to the polls. “I have female friends who need certain things, and I like being able to fuck on and marry whoever I want at any given moment,” he said. “And if we want to keep some of those options, we have to start somewhere.”

Similarly, Frank has launched his own campaign to get fans to register to vote too, transforming his Blonded homepage into a go-to place to ensure you’re all signed up, alongside links to enrol if you haven’t already, via mail or ballot box. There’s also an option to get a reminder before the election, to ensure you’re there to make a difference.

On Instagram, the artist also posted a story which unpacked his thoughts post-debate. “Debates are on. It all feels fake. The problem’s that it’s not,” he wrote. “Donald is president and might not leave the White House even if he loses, so some say. Pls vote. Watching him dragged out will be way more entertaining than those debates.” Okay kings, we got you! Head to to do your bit. The fate of America lies in the hands of its young people.