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Open your wallets for Miss Jason’s charity sale this weekend

London’s favourite host has enlisted Martine Rose, Charles Jeffrey, FKA Twigs, Naomi Shimada and more to raise funds for queer, trans and intersex POC.

by Mahoro Seward
19 June 2020, 10:30am

Photography Roxy Lee 

The month of June is typically one of celebration for LGBTQ+ communities, with Pride events hosted in cities around the world. As much as it may seem it these days, Pride isn’t just about poppers, glitter, and dancing in rainbow jockstraps in the street. At its heart, it’s about commemorating the history of the community’s fight for equality, and committing to continue that fight until genuine equity is achieved.

Of course, Pride won’t be taking to the streets this year, but that doesn’t mean that its energy and spirit should at all be quelled. “Just because Pride is cancelled doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t still find a sense of community,” says Miss Jason, the presenter of roving nightlife show Jason’s Closet, and a mainstay of London’s queer scene. “Pride actually is like charity, it begins at home.”

Miss Jason's Fundraiser photos

This June, he’s taken the charitable tenets of Pride particularly to heart, organising a special edition sale in support of the UKQTIBIPOC Hardship Fund. The initiative was “set up by a group of individual volunteers to provide short term support to Queer, Trans and Intersex, Black, Indigenous, People of Color (QTIBIPOC) living in the UK who have been affected by the outbreak and ongoing shutdown caused by COVID-19,” he says. “So far they’ve raised over £65k and sent payments to over 100 QTIPOC to help with things like rent, bills and food and have just reopened the form to provide real, pacifical support for 100 more.”

Comprising contributions from friends and collaborators in the fashion community, the sale -- which runs from today till Sunday -- includes pieces from designers including Alan Crocetti, Martine Rose, Charles Jeffrey, Saul Nash, Bianca Saunders, ASAI, CSM BA graduate Conner Ives and Aluwahlia, as well as donations from FKA Twigs, Clara Amfo, Celeste, Naomi Shimada, and many more. “I mainly just tried to involve the people I have around me like my friends, designers that I love, bands I’ve worked with,” says Miss Jason of the outstanding roster of supporters he’s managed to assemble for the cause. “Luckily I’m surrounded by some really amazing talent with some incredible closets that were in need of a clear out.”

Miss Jason's Fundraiser photos

Glamorous as it all may sound, the cause it is supporting is both earnest and urgent, as Miss Jason explains: “It’s close to home for me, being black and queer, but it should be important to everybody. People overlook the black, queer community way more than our white counterparts and the rate of black trans deaths globally is alarming. This shouldn’t just be my issue, this is everyone’s issue, it’s an issue of humanity. I want to show the rest of the world how our QTIPOC family deserve to be treated.” To ensure that all proceeds generated go straight to his chosen initiative, he's paired up with Depop, who have generously waived their fees.

Interests piqued? Watch Miss Jason turn QVC presenter in "Cleaning Out My Closet" below to check out the grails on offer. You can also donate to the UK QTIBIPOC Hardship Fund here.

Miss Jason's Fundraiser photos
Miss Jason Charity Fund
Miss Jason Charity Fund
Miss Jason Charity Fund
Miss Jason Charity Fundraiser


Photography Roxy Lee

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