Olivia Rodrigo is now on Depop

“Hey babe do u ship royal mail? Tracking?? Xx”

by Roisin Lanigan
03 June 2021, 10:06am

Image via Depop

Not content with living in all of our heads rent free, now pop princess queen Olivia Rodrigo is going to live inside our wardrobes too, thanks to her brand new Depop shop. Yep, the “Good 4 U” star has just launched her own shop on the resale app, complete with suitably y2k-inspired Powerpuff Girl display pic and some Sour themed initial posts.

While nothing is for sale just yet, it seems Olivia intends to use her brand new Depop platform to auction off lewks and iconic pieces from her music videos, performances, and her own closet, with all of the proceeds going to charity. “Shop SOUR-themed outfits worn by me in the videos for Deja Vu and good 4 u 🍓 🔥”, the account’s first preview post reads. 

In the spirit of ‘everything she touches turning to emo inspired gold’ -- Olivia’s debut album has already broken a world record, smashing it with the biggest opening week for a new female artist in Spotify’s streaming history --  the High School Musical alum has chosen the best time to join Depop. This week, the app sold for $1.6 billion (billion!) to Etsy, the apparently incredibly wealthy purveyors of fun little bracelets and personalised signs you can put in your living room that your aunt thinks are cute. Ugh, a business mogul, we love that for her. 

No items are yet listed on Olivia’s Depop, but it’s probably good to smash that follow button sooner rather than later. While at the time of writing, the account has 32k followers, it promises to launch today, and given how iconic that cheerleader outfit in “Good 4 U” (an exact replica of the one Mandy Moore wears in The Princess Diaries!) looked, we can already see some frantic DMs and comments piling up. 

Does anyone else find the idea of someone on Olivia Rodrigo’s PR team having to decipher messages like “hey hun do u ship to northern ireland my hermes? would this fit uk 10 or does run small? swap 4 missguided deadstock? answer with tracking number scammer!! Xx” incredibly funny? Just me? Okay.

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