TikTok thinks Olivia Rodrigo might be releasing a Sour sequel soon

God, it's brutal out here.

by George Griffiths
30 May 2021, 3:32pm

Image courtesy of Geffen

Olivia Rodrigo is quickly proving how Taylor Swift’s influence can sometimes be both a blessing and a curse.

Take her debut album Sour, which is peppered with the introspective lyricism that made Tay such a revelation in the late 00s, which only a Swiftie could deftly navigate and then make their own. But another one of Taylor’s tried-and-tested hallmarks of pop stardom seems to have absorbed by the Drivers License diva through osmosis; the dreaded Easter Egg.

Olivia herself has already proven very adapt as a student of the Taylor Swift School of Easter Egg Planting, so it’s no surprise fans have taken speculation to what comes next.

According to TikTok user @codyjohnathan, a Sour follow-up may be closer than we could have imagined.

Cody’s main theory stems from the fact that Olivia, throughout the last year, previewed many songs as works-in-progresses on her social media accounts. Some of those tracks were explicitly centred on romance. Sour, of course, is basically the opposite of that - a record that recalls in almost excruciating detail the emotional fall-out of a relationship.

This is taken to mean that maybe Olivia hasn’t just scrapped some of the more love-heart-emoji-like songs she had written last year, but was instead saving them for another project.

Another TikTok account, @gibbybender took this theory and ran with it. She also adds that a proposed second album called Sweet could have already been teased.

Gabby, like a true Swiftie/private detective, has spotted an Easter Egg for why this might be. One of the main partners Olivia teamed up with to promote Sour was candy brand Sour Patch Kids in the US. The tagline on every one of their boxes… “sour before sweet.”

You see what we mean by blessing and a curse? Taylor would be very, very proud.

Of course, you may be overly sour yourself and ask why an artist would release a follow-up LP and kickstart a new era so soon after another has already begun…but then again, that’s what we thought before Evermore dropped. And Fearless (Taylor’s Version). And…

For what it’s worth, though, Olivia herself has made no confirmation of the existence of any new material beyond her debut so far. So choose to believe what you want, but it looks like Sour isn’t getting a sequel just yet. Until, of course, it does. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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