agent provocateur co-founder serena rees' is back with a new brand and a different kind of sexy

Based around the concept of ‘bed to street’, Les Girls Les Boys is a collection of modern intimates from Serena Rees.

by Tish Weinstock; photos by Ana Cuba
01 September 2017, 9:46am

Two decades after she founded luxury lingerie label Agent Provocateur, Serena Rees is back with a brand new invention: introducing Les Girls Les Boys, a collection of modern intimates and wardrobe staples for young men and women, that can be worn anywhere from the bedroom to the streets.

Eschewing unrealistic ideas of both masculinity and femininity, Les Girls Les Boys is for those who carve their own way in life. "It's for people who are proud of who they are, and proud of who they love," Serena tells i-D. "They wear what they want, not what's expected of them."

Open-minded and diverse, it's a brand that celebrates a new kind of sexy, one that is rooted in notions of self-acceptance, friendship and love. Launching today, we take a sneak peek behind the curtain at the brand new collection below.

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