mount kimbie's new video by frank lebon depicts a 'mentally fragile bank robbery'

A masked model has an identity crisis amid a heist situation in the DIY-style film.

by Tom Ivin
31 August 2017, 4:45pm

Shot on who-knows-what, edited who-knows-how, and presumably sticky-taped together by hand in pain-staking stop-motion fashion, Frank Lebon's latest masterpiece leaps straight from the pages of a photocopied sketchbook into your phone screen.

In A-Ha's Take On Me for the digital age (come to me when you want a quote for your movie poster, Frank), masked model Wilson Oryema is the protagonist/antagonist in a stop-start heist turned blood-splattered shoot-out, described by the director on Instagram as a 'mentally fragile bank robbery film'. The track is a killer too – as relentless as the video's chase sequence.

Early Danny Boyle would be running for his life from the energy in this video, and Frank's signature cut-and-paste, rip-up and draw-on style takes centre stage. Don't try to replicate this, you won't even get close.

Check out Mount Kimbie's third album, with features from King Krule, James Blake and Micachu, on 8 September.

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