is jay z going to release a ‘lemonade’ response album?

It might sound unlikely, but the Tidal action would have to be tempting.

by i-D Staff
05 May 2016, 6:57am

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Beyonce's recent visual album/masterpiece Lemonade was a sensitive and powerful meditation on the experience of women of colour, mothers, daughters, partners and the United State's frayed race relations. Despite being the most socially ambitious release of this year, one narrative line has dominated the media's coverage of it: so, did Jay cheat or not?

It appears that conversation will only heat up following reports that Jay Z is planning on releasing his own response album. Despite the many accusations on Lemonade—that may or may not be autobiographical—Beyonce's husband of eight years clearly wasn't too put off. He did release it through Tidal after all. But Us Weekly has reported that Jay "is recording songs that will reveal his version of events surrounding the rough patch in his eight-year marriage to Beyoncé."

If a rebuttal record from one of the most famous men in the world feels a bit too good to be true, the business it would inevitably bring to Tidal is probably a gleaming temptation. In one day Lemonade saw Tidal jump 134 places on the chart of the most-downloaded iOS apps in the US.

So far the rapper and businessman seems far from concerned over the worldwide obsession with is marriage and it's flaws. Days after Lemonade was released the couple were photographed together in Miami, and Beyonce gave him a loving shout out on first night of her Formation World Tour in Miami.


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