watch le1f's 'lil bro' in his trippy video debut

Humeysha's 'Burma Between You and Me' is an exciting multilingual debut track.

by Isabelle Hellyer
01 September 2015, 7:37am

Huymesha's part of of Le1f's amazing Camp and Street collective, though we hadn't seen much of him until today. He's making his video debut with the track 'Burma Between You and Me' - it's smooth, psychedelic sailing. Partially sung in Hindi, it's a guaranteed get-you-in-a-good-mood song. Camp and Street told Fader the song was "written and conceived by Zain Alam in India...echoing sounds from New York to New Delhi, reflective of a multicultural upbringing." Give it a listen.

Camp and Street have been busy lately, dropping Le1f's SOPHIE-produced Koi last week, then promising a Rahel clip within the moth.


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