welcome to the festival promising to transport you to new, ecstatic heights

With performances by Pussy Riot and Spiritualized, Melbourne's Supersense is an event of a different kind.

by Meg Duncan
26 July 2017, 6:00am

Courtesy of Supersense

Later this month the underground passages, nooks and performance spaces of Melbourne's cavernous Arts Centre will once again be transformed for Supersense, a three day festival of the ecstatic .Curated by Australian jazz angel, vocalist and performer Sophia Brous, the "festival-as-theatre" concept event aims to weave punk, movement, and improvisation into an immersive labyrinth.

For their sophomore event Supersense again looks set to bring together a lineup of artists and multi-disciplinary performances from Kimbra's electronic audio-visual setup to a piece of Pussy Riot Theatre, a defiant adaptation of jailed member Maria Alyokhina's own true story. 

Meanwhile, in a venue across the way the singers of Alice Coltrane's Sai Anantam ashram will carry on the musician's staggering legacy by performing the transcendental music she wrote when her equally renowned husband, John Coltrane, passed away. On top of that there's Nazoranai (ft. Keiji Haino, Stephen O'Malley, Oren Ambarchi) who are lined up for some psychedelic rock 'n roll, Spiritualized who will team up with the Australian Art Orchestra and the Consort of Melbourne in Hammer Hall and old faves Blonde Redhead, who will likely make everyone's day with their dreamy pop. Sounds like just the antidote to our mid-winter blues. 

Supersense takes place from the 18th to 20th August, you can get tickets here.


Text Briony Wright
Photography courtesy Supersense

Blonde Redhead
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