exclusive: klein releases haunting new video for track with kahlia bakosi

South London dystopian eccentric Klein drops With U, from her Lagata EP.

by Hattie Collins
04 April 2017, 11:20am

Premiering today on i-D is the brand new video from our favourite south London dystopian eccentric, Klein. Citing such disparate influences as Andrew Lloyd Webber and Rodney Jerkins, Klein's music is truly a thing of cerebral wonder. Her recent EP, Lagata, was an unsettling concoction of experimental thoughts augmented via the realms of electronica. Track titles from Lagata include Moist Yatt and Elders at Work, with the EP receiving rave reviews from Wire and Fact, as well as i-D, having featured her in our Class of 2017. "It does sound weird but it's likeable 'cos I'm still singing melody," Klein noted of Lagata during an interview with i-D earlier this year.

With some of her releases worth hundreds on Discogs, Klein continues the lifespan of Lagata with a brand new video for the beautifully strange With U, directed by i-D's own Stephen Isaac-Wilson. "I wanted to marry super soft visuals with the jittery and eerie nature of the track," says Stephen, which features distorted violin and ricocheting ruminations from Klein and pal Kahlia Bakosi. "I thought it would be cute to shoot in the leafy and rarely seen patches of south London -- and play around with the themes of sci-fi and fantasy."

With U is about being an absent friend, and wanting to be a better one according to Klein. "In terms of the basic premise of With U, it's simply about me reconnecting with a lost friend. The song was about a close friend of mine dealing with depression and I just wanted to let her know I'm there. The song itself is, I guess, quite dramatic with the drowning violin sounds, hence why I thought it'd be great to present it with an almost T4 pop video."

Press play on With U and prepare to drown in Klein and Stephen's strange sci-fi vision of south London.

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Text Hattie Collins

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